what to do during summer heat in Palm Springs?

August 4, 2018

with it been constantly past 110 degrees lately You have to get creative when it comes to avioding the heat. I love going to the Indian Casinos in the valley also going shopping in Palm Desert at the mall and on El Paseo street which could be considered the rodeo drive of the desert, The resturants are a breeze to get quick service during the summer since its still considerd a Resort Seasonal town.I Love Sullivangs in PD for a date or going to Sushi which there are a dozen great places in the Valley. Its to hot to go to the pool during the day but I love night swimming. Now my number on thing I love to do on a hot sunny days is setting up dates with clients and doing my cam shows. I basically dont leav the house till sundown or early in the morning....


Whats your go to summer activity in the desert?


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