I get asked often, "What is it like to be a webcam model?"

December 7, 2017

I am pretty open with close friends about being a webcam model and the questions I get asked are often the same, whats the money like and do you get naked?

From my point of view being a webcam model is a mix of being a stripper, therapist and girlfriend for hire. Often times my customers are in search of companionship on the web and more than that there seeking a hot girl to help them get off :) I enjoy both and yes I get naked. But only in private chat.

As for the money it is good when I put the time in and stream often but its not as great as some of the other girls make it out to be. I typically work in 2-4 hour shifts a couple time a week. I never make less then minimum wage but some days its pretty dam close. Other days I can make more the $100 an hour. It really is up and down and the webcam industry is not as profitable for the models as it used to be. I can say that from first hand experience as I have been camming since my late teen to now into my late 20s.

 My favorite part of being a cam girl is being able to make $$ at home while meeting new people online, even if I will never see them in real life I do maintain several close cam clients that I would consider someone I genuinely care about. 





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